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Complete Auto Service for
European, Asian & Domestic Cars
 A family owned & operated business, Rolf's Auto Care has helped owners of foreign and domestic cars on Chicago's North Shore for over a generation.

 During all that time we have earned our reputation as a no-nonsense, trustworthy and dependable car repair service. Our mission is to help you get the greatest value and longest service life out of your vehicle. That mission drives everything we do.
Our mission is to help you get the greatest value and longest service life out of your vehicle.
& Value
 At Rolf's Auto Care we work with you to keep your car in the best possible condition, for the least possible cost. Before you spend any money we'll spend the time to explain, and show you on your car, why we recommend a service.

 Our experienced, certified technicians will guide you on what services or repairs are needed now, and suggest a schedule you can work with for the rest. Safety and value, at Rolf's Auto Care we work hard to provide both.
We are Ready to Meet All Your Service Needs
Rolf's Auto Care: 30 Years of Excellence in Car Repair.
 From minor to major repairs, scheduled factory
maintenance and seasonal services, used car inspections, emissions testing & repair - Rolf's Auto Care technicians have the training, experience, and the latest diagnostic tools to take great care of your car.

 And we take care of you as well. We will tell you when your car needs repair or service, and just as importantly, when it doesn't. That is Rolf's promise - and the reason our customers have trusted us with their cars for so many years.

 Need your car back quickly? Of course you do. We complete the majority of repairs on the same day.
We’re always happy to give you a ride after dropping off your car, or to pick it up again. Just let us know & let us take care of you
More Ways We Can Help You Take The Pain Out Of Car Repair
 Need a ride after dropping off your car? Want to be picked up when your car is ready? Just let us know, and we'll arrange it. Want your old parts back to see what was broken, or need to drop off your vehicle before or after hours? No problem. We understand the inconvenience and frustration caused by car problems. At Rolf's Auto Care we are committed to help you minimize them. Call us today, or just drop by. We look forward to seeing you.
Here's What Our Customers Are Saying ...

Very honest and trustworthy guys there (David & George). Fixed my Mercedes mirror for $1000 less than what the dealership was wanting to charge me. It's mechanics like this that restore my faith in humanity to provide a great service at a great price!–Jahara M. Redmond (yelp)

We're big fans of Rolf's. I started bringing my car here in 2003 ... Since then we have brought our Volvo to Rolf's and have never had a problem. They let us know what work is essential and what is not, and we know we can trust them.–Amanda B. Evanston (yelp)

I've used Rolf's several times for routine maintenance and also for more extensive repairs. This has got to be the most professional auto repair business I've ever patronized. They are thorough, they give accurate estimates; actually they came in lower than the estimate at least two or three times and the repair work is first rate ... They can handle complex jobs and simple jobs. The shop is orderly and immaculate, always a good sign.–Mima W. Chicago (yelp)

My family has been doing business with Rolf's for over 25 years.  While no one enjoys the prospect of taking a car in for service, we always feel comfortable when dealing with the people at Rolf's because they are honest and straightforward.  They perform the necessary work and explain why the work was needed.  My wife and daughters have always been treated professionally.  Rolf passed away a few years ago, but the business has remained the same.  Great service at an affordable price.  In today's troubled economic times it is good to know that you are dealing with honest people when you take your car to Rolf's.  Let's hope I am around 25 years from now to write another review like this about Rolf's.  They are good guys who take good care of their customers.–Ted R. Winnetka (yelp)

–Notification Sep. 2013 (Angie's List)

This is a wonderful shop. I've been taking my cars (VWs and Hondas) to Rolf since 1983! I appreciate the way he and all of his mechanics talk with me about repairs and accommodate my curiosity to show me how things work (or not!) on my car. I can't recommend this shop highly enough. –Reviewer #50796 (cartalk)

I have been going to Rolf's for years now. They have a good mix of fixing stuff for a low cost and suggesting preventative maintenance. They are one of the few car repair places I have found you can trust over and over.–Michael W. Evanston (yelp)

Honest and thorough - that's what you get at Rolf's. I have been taking my 98 BMW and 2000 Audi there for years and they fix only what is needed, giving you the nuance of what is absolutely needed vs. what is nice to do. This is very valuable for me and it is what I'm missing from dealerships. Case in point - my daughter has a Toyota where the dealership quoted a $1K repair that I thought was too high, took it to Rolf's and they fixed it for $30. It does not always work that way, but I know I can trust Rolf.–Roland S. Evanston (yelp)

We first brought our Toyota here in 2009. We had taken it to the dealer for a service and they wanted us to put over $4,000 into the vehicle. We brought it to Rolf's for a service and inspection. None of the work the dealer claimed we needed was necessary. Yes, the labor costs might be higher and they charge for diagnostics, but their honesty completely offsets this and saves money in the long run. They are great at giving a "heads up" on work as well...ie the back brakes will need to be replaced in the next six months. I appreciate their honesty and highly recommend them.–Vanessa S. Skokie (yelp)

Rolf's has effectively serviced my 2003 BMW three times in the past year. Other reviewers have claimed they are expensive but I found they were over 10% cheaper than a BMW dealership on a valve cover replacement. They are willing to drive me home when I drop my car off for a repair, then pick me up after it's complete -- this saves me time and effort to get to them. I will be using them again and again for my beloved vintage Beemer.–Jim R. Evanston (yelp)

Honest, thorough, professional, All the reviews are right on target. For several years now, we've had our Volvo serviced here. This is a long time family business and as I am waiting for my car (they fit me in, between appointments at the last minute - great service!) I noticed that everyone that came in seemed to have a personal relationship with the owner and mechanic and were long time customers (some of them coming in from the city). This says a lot. This has been our experience, as well. They will always tell you what you need to do now, and what can wait. It's all about the relationship and the repeat business over making money in the short term. If you are looking for someone you can trust, who will be fair - this is the place.–Stacey K. CHicago (yelp)

I was in Evanston this week and leaving on Friday to return to Ohio with my 7 year old son. I noticed a screeching sound coming from my 2003 Acura. I found Rolf's using a web search of nearest auto repair places. I pulled in and explained the noise and that I was worried about driving 300 miles back to Ohio AND I had only 90 minutes before I needed to pick up my son who was attending a camp and could they check out the car. Mr. Kitzhofer immediately had George come with me to drive around the block, George took the car back and checked it out then explained and showed me what the problem was and said I should be safe to drive back to Ohio! I drove the car back with no problems last night! I can't begin to say "thank you" enough. Mr. Kitzhofer and George went beyond professionalism. The car repair facility is one of the cleanest I've ever been in. If you live in the area, I would highly recommend their repair services! And it's a plus to deal with honest, caring people!–Julie D. Dayton (yelp)

Terrific place. Clean waiting area with table and wireless access, so I could wait it out and remain productive. Employees are friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. They are honest and have an excellent reputation among other shops -- which counts for a lot.–John W. Evanston (yelp)

Rolf's is the only place I trust with my Honda del Sol. They did the initial inspection on it when I bought it as a used car over 10 years ago and they are the one and only shop that works on it now. My first visit was in 1993, the year I moved to Chicago. It was an early Saturday afternoon and I had this terrible clanking noise coming from beneath my car (a Honda CRX at the time - also trusted to Rolf's until I got the del Sol). I looked in the phone book, called the shop and talked to Rolf, who said he would wait for me come in. After a 10 minute drive to get there, my car was jacked up, inspected, fixed and returned to me for a nominal fee. Been going there ever since. I really like having a repair shop that is trustworthy and that personally knows both me and my car. They are pleasant to deal with and I'm never without my car for long. I love Rolf's!–Valerie K. Chicago (yelp)

I highly recommend Rolf's Auto Repair. My husband and I have taken our cars (BMW, Honda, Acura, Volvo, Toyota) to Rolf's for 15 years. We get excellent advice and clear, thorough explanations for repairs. –Reviewer #50794 (cartalk)

... This place rocks!

I'm a 8th time SAAB owner and I used to go to Loch Frew at Frew Enterprises in DesPlaines. It's like a dental office. Lab coats, all your parts shown and offered at the end. I moved to Evanston and I guess the logical choice would be Peterson Automotive, one time partner of Peterson Frew. reviews are mixed, it's a hassle to get to.

So off to Rolf's. Not exactly lab coats, but friendly, and efficient with my time and money. Found a trouble quickly. Did a lot of maintenance work for a good price. 8x the work of T&J Auto, only 2x the cost. And no jerking around.–Robert M. Evanston (yelp)

I've been using Rolf's for 14 years, with occasional trials with other indie mechanics. I always go back to Rolf's. They're a bit pricier than most mechanics but they are 100% trustworthy. They diagnose, explain and prioritize the work my cars needed, so I can wait on noncritical work if my budget is tight. They give me a written estimate and, if a repair isn't as extensive as originally thought, they charge for the lesser repair. They explain everything before and after the repairs. I consider them the gold standard for car repair!–elaine t. chicago (yelp)

When I owned my BMW, these guys always took care of me. Honest and thorough. My brother uses this repair shop too. When I mentioned that Perillo didn't wash my car after an expensive repair like I thought they should, Rolfs picked up the ball and always washed/vacuumed my car. They're great - for foreign cars, esp. BMWs.–Erika G. Chicago (yelp)

I started taking my 2001 Subaru Legacy GT to Rolf's when I concluded that, after numerous screw-ups, I couldn't trust the dealership with even simple maintenance. I gave up many coupons for free oil changes in order to take my Subaru to Rolf's. I had gone to Rolf's from time to time when I had a 1986 Toyota Corolla. In fact, Rolf himself repaired my Corolla's air conditioning system when Toyota could not properly diagnosed and fix it themselves. Expensive and it took days, but absolutely worth it! Except for when I need something specific from Subaru (floor mats) or in an emergency situation (check engine light), I always take my car to Rolf's. I believe I am treated fairly, and they are willing to take extra measures - often at no charge to me - to make sure I am satisfied. They are familiar, friendly, and I trust them completely with my car. I highly recommend them.–Reviewer #50797 (cartalk)

I took my Honda CRV 2002 in for a 40,000 mile maintenance after going to a dealer for over 3 years and the dealer keeps doing more work then said in the owner manual. Rolf's were very honest in explaining what work that needed to be done and explained how long each type of service should last. I later reviewed my maintenence records to see if it is about time I needed these services and they were right on - honest and they know what they are doing. They were very honest in the billing and originally said it would take 1 hour, but since it only took 45min, they only charged me for 45min. I'm very satisfied and I will continue to go to Rolf's! –Reviewer #50791 (cartalk)